Imagine if the search was over…


My name’s Della Tysall,  Resilience and Performance Coach and the creator and founder of The Transformational Touch bodywork therapy.

I am a qualified Physiotherapist and have over 35 years experience of working in the therapeutic field, both in the NHS and in private practice.

I work on a 1-2-1 basis combining my unique touch bodywork and coaching skills to engender deep and lasting transformation, which allows clients like you to access your naturally resourceful state of innate wisdom and wellbeing.

By getting ‘in touch’ and accessing this dormant wisdom we step into our true power and performance, unleashing the hitherto untapped depth of health, wellbeing and clarity of mind hidden within all of us.

The clients I work with are independent thinkers with the understanding that the responsibility for their lives is in their own hands, and is not dependent on outside ‘gurus’ or circumstances. Even if they are ‘stuck’ they are receptive to the excitement of discovering their power and being the source of their wellbeing.


I know how to get results

As a former British Judo Champion and British Weight Lifting Record Holder, I expect and achieve high performance levels in everything I do.


I bring a new paradigm to the arena of performance coaching

By connecting you with your individual inner resources I mirror back to you who you really are, so you experience what is really possible in your life. By facilitating the release of the hard work which goes into ‘striving’ for success I guide you into relaxing into your greatness.

My approach naturally melts away whatever is in the way of who you truly are, so you unwind and recharge in both body and mind. You will find yourself effortlessly accessing the source of peak physical and mental performance in both your business and personal life.

 This process evolves over a transformational series of sessions.

Imagine if the search was over and you felt aligned in mind and body with clarity of purpose and direction, freedom and fulfilment.

Call me on 07950 813 336 to find out how I can help you access your power and wisdom.


p.s. As we are increasingly open to positive experience in our lives, the search for deep connection starts being met, satisfying the yearning many feel for meaning, value and purpose.

Call  07950 813 336

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